Theatre (THR)

THR 200:  Theatre Workshop    (1 credits)  

Theatre Workshop is open to all students interested in actively participating in theatre projects. All phases of play production design, construction, management, and performance are covered in workshop sessions. Students are required to participate in some phase of the university's annual theatrical productions. This course is graded pass/fail when taken for credit, and satisfactory/unsatisfactory when participation does not include earning credit.

THR 211:  Acting I    (3 credits)  

This is a performance course designed to familiarize the student with the basic techniques of the craft of acting. Students are provided an opportunity to develop acting skills through pantomime, improvisation, and traditional methods based on a technique approach. For the student not interested in following an acting career, this course enables her to develop evaluation standards for performances and an appreciation and understanding of the theatre experience.

THR 212:  Acting II    (3 credits)  

A continuation of the basic acting course, Acting II gives students a variety of roles to interpret and the opportunity to interact with others through exercises and scenes from one-act and full-length plays. The course provides familiarity with a range of dramatic styles and acting techniques.

Prerequisite: THR 211 or permission of the instructor  
THR 301:  Theatre History    (3 credits)  

This course traces the origins and development of theatre from the myths and rituals of ancient culture, through classical Greece, Rome, the Middle Ages, Renaissance, Romanticism, Realism, and the 20th Century. Emphasis is placed on the historical changes in production-performance. Representative readings, film and, when possible, live presentations are used to enhance the survey perspective.