Interdepartmental (IDS)

IDS 201:  Mindful Eating    (2 credits)  

This course explores the often challenging relationship many people experience between food and eating. The epidemic of obesity coupled with disordered eating syndromes begs the question, “Have we forgotten how to eat?”. Through readings, discussion, journaling and experiential learning, students will develop an understanding of behaviors and attitudes toward eating. The principles and practices of mindfulness will guide and inform the exploration of hunger, fullness and taste satisfaction. Emotional components and habitual patterns of eating will be examined. Students will be required to eat particular foods in prescribed amounts as part of the learning activities. Students will undertake a regular, daily practice of mindfulness during the six-week course, which will require up to 20 minutes per day. The effects of stress and the effects that mindfulness can have on stress relief will be explored. Principles of mindfulness exist in all wisdom traditions, and are drawn from Eastern thought/psychology. Clinical trials in MB-EAT, Mindfulness-based eating awareness training, are currently funded by the US Government’s National Institute of Health (NIH). Some course material is drawn from these studies, which were designed by Jean Kristeller, PhD.