Forensics (FSC)

FSC 105:  Criminalistics    (3 credits)  

This course introduces the theoretical underpinnings of criminalistics, including the techniques for discovery, collection, preservation, and analysis of physical evidence.

FSC 105L:  Criminalistics Lab    (1 credits)  

This course will entail a practical examination of topics and laboratory testing procedures introduced in FSC 105 such as fibers, blood spatter patterns, footwear and tire impressions, narcotics, blood, semen, soil, fingerprints, documents, firearms, and other topics.

Lab fee: $200  
Corequisite: FSC 105  
FSC 420:  Forensic Chemistry    (3 credits)  

This course will provide the theoretical and practical foundation for the uses of separation, chromatographic, electrophoretic, molecular, and spectrophotometric techniques used in forensic analyses.

Prerequisite: A grade of C or better in CHE 300 lecture  
FSC 420L:  Forensic Chemistry Lab    (1 credits)  

Laboratory work will include gas chromatography, liquid chromatography, protein electrophoresis, atomic spectroscopy, and molecular spectroscopy.

Lab fee: $275  
Corequisite: FSC 420  
FSC 440:  Crime Scene Investigation    (3 credits)  

This course focuses on the application of the scientific method to the analysis of crime scenes and their reconstruction. Scenes involving a variety of violent crimes, including homicides, sexual assaults, and non-fatal stabbings and beatings will be discussed in detail. The goals of crime scene reconstruction will be presented along with scientific and ethical matters associated with reconstruction. Types of evidence used to reconstruct crime scenes will be explained.

Prerequisite: FSC 105 and junior or senior status  
FSC 498:  Research Project in Forensic Science    (3 credits)  

The Research Project is a 2-year Capstone research investigation conducted under the supervision of the department Research Coordinator and topic advisor if applicable. Students choose their project topic and are required to provide a project proposal, literary review, prospectus and final scholarly report.

Prerequisite: Junior status and approvals of Research Coordinator and Department Chair  
FSC 499:  Forensic Science Internship    (3 credits)  

The forensic science internship provides real-world experience that is for forensic science majors. The field placement experience is supervised by both designated agency personnel and college faculty and is administered in federal, state, local or private forensic or other analytical laboratories. Students must complete a project in connection with the internship placement which is evaluated by the supervising instructor. This course is graded Pass/Fail.

Prerequisite: A minimum CGPA of 2.0, senior status, and approval of department chair  
FSC 500:  Forensic Biology    (3 credits)  

This is an introductory course on the basics of forensic DNA analysis. The subject is developed so as to provide the student with an enhanced understanding of DNA evidence, its collection, preservation, and processing. The key legal questions raised by the increasing power of DNA analysis will be discussed.

Corequisite: FSC 500L  
FSC 500L:  Forensic Biology Lab    (1 credits)  

The principles and techniques of current methods of forensic DNA analysis will be taught and discussed.

Lab fee: $300  
Corequisite: FSC 500  
FSC 620:  Advanced Criminalistics and Crime Scene Investigation    (4 credits)  

Advanced Criminalistics and Crime Scene Investigation and Reconstruction represents an in-depth study of crime scene procedures including recognition, protection, documentation, and collection of physical evidence; scene documentation, scene search procedures; and reconstructions from evidence and scene patterns. Laboratory exercises will include the microscopic, chemical, biological and immunological analysis of blood, semen and other body fluids.