Faculty Handbook

Message from the Vice President of Academic Affairs

Image of Dr. Shannon McCarty, Vice President of Academic Affairs

Dear Colleagues:

The success and strength of Bay Path University’s programs are due to the high quality of instruction delivered by our outstanding faculty members. We take pride in the curriculum we offer and appreciate your continued contributions to student learning and success. You are part of a highly dedicated team of professionals who value intellectual curiosity, diversity, individuality, mutual respect, student empowerment and leadership. I know your teaching experience at Bay Path University will be rewarding both personally and professionally.

Your role in advancing the University’s vision and critical mission brings with it a complex set of privileges, responsibilities  and rewards, to yourself, your colleagues, our students, your area of scholarship, and to our greater community.  Your devotion to these efforts is valued and appreciated.  

Carpe Diem!

Dr. Shannon McCarty


This Faculty Handbook is a guide to the faculty and consists of a collection of policies and practices as they apply specifically to full-time faculty members of the University. The Handbook is maintained by the Academic Affairs Office.

The Faculty Handbook is available in a digital searchable format, thus enhancing access and usability. Readers can navigate through the interactive version by clicking on an item in the Table of Contents, or access and print the Handbook as a PDF document by clicking on the right. Other University policies and guidelines are available here.

While every effort is made to ensure the accuracy of the information provided in this Faculty Handbook as of its publication date in November 2021, occasionally changes are made after the handbook has been uploaded. Therefore, Bay Path University reserves the right at any time, without notice, to make any changes to this handbook, including, but not limited to, changes in policies, procedures, and/or regulations.