Women in STEM Honors (WiSH) Program

WiSH Mission Statement

Focusing on crucial global societal challenges including unique challenges faced by women in STEM, the Women in STEM Honors Program offers special academic challenges and opportunities for Bay Path University’s academically talented science and cybersecurity students to explore how the new synthetic approach with STEM fields has the potential to contribute practical solutions to many of the major challenges confronting the United States and the world. The program offers a vital community of faculty, visiting scholars, mentors, and authors known for their excellence in teaching, research and scholarship in which its members can develop key skills and research training for future success in the STEM. Students investigate cutting edge topics in honors STEM seminars which focus on a synthetic, multidisciplinary approach to solving pressing global problems. The Program is committed to exemplary engagement in leadership, service, and volunteer activities that seek to produce productive and sustainable partnerships with the local community being served.

WiSH Honors Program Overview


In their first two years, Bay Path WiSH Program students take a special one-credit seminar each semester. These seminars are team-taught, interdisciplinary courses which examine important topics from different perspectives and seek to help students develop a broad perspective on topics of universal importance and to prepare them on their journey toward crafting a unique hands-on research investigation aimed at contributing to the canon of knowledge involving solving pressing global problems. Courses include guest speakers, and group discussion led by faculty and STEM professionals from a variety of disciplines. In the last two years, focus is entirely on completing the research project designed and initiated during the first two years of course work culminating in a thesis. In addition, students engage in a number of scholarly activities involving visiting scientists and cybersecurity professionals from the United States and other countries.

Maintaining Good Standing

In order to maintain good standing, WiSH Program students must maintain a cumulative grade point average of 3.5 at the end of each academic year, complete required courses, and take part in required community service and other required projects such as participating in guest lecture initiatives.

WiSH Program Student Leadership

Each year, students in the WiSH Honors Program elect officers to serve as Dynamic Governance Working Circle Leaders. Circle leaders work on a number of projects, including planning the induction for first year WiSH Program students, a yearly trip and other social activities, community service events, and a dinner for graduating WiSH Program Seniors.

Community Service

The WiSH Program seeks to promote Bay Path University’s commitment to serving the greater community. Consequently, an integral part of the WiSH Program involves providing community STEM education and other integral activities such as local ecosystem restoration, sustainable agriculture activities, and biological censusing for possible endangered species among others.

WiSH Honors Program Admissions Policy and Application Procedure

The WiSH Program faculty seeks to admit approximately 5-10 promising students to the WiSH Honors Program each year. Their invitation to join the WiSH Honors Program will be based upon the following criteria:

  • First-year students — a minimum high school GPA of 3.5 and a combined SAT score of at least 1100 (minimum of 550 Math/minimum 550 Verbal) or an ACT Composite of 24 with corresponding minimum ACT English of 24.
  • Transfer students — students accepted for admission may also apply for admission to the WiSH Honors Program if they have maintained a 3.75 GPA during their first year in college. Transfer students will be required to make up the one-credit courses they missed unless they participated in a STEM honors program at their previous college or university. In the latter case, the student would submit to the Bay Path WiSH Honors Program Director evidence of their honor’s work at their previous institution. Upon approval, the missed requirements will be waived for students transferring from another STEM honors program.