Entrepreneurial Program

The mission of Bay Path’s Entrepreneurial Program is to help students in all disciplines and majors to develop their own potential by fostering an entrepreneurial mindset. Students are encouraged to act innovatively and find creative solutions to problems in their chosen fields.

In addition, events and special opportunities for students to learn about the business end of entrepreneurship (be it social entrepreneurship, for-profit or non-profit entrepreneurship) abound at Bay Path. They include: the Entrepreneurial Spirit Awards (cash awards for students starting their own businesses); the Bay Path Elevator Pitch Competition and subsequent Regional Competition opportunities; the Bay Path Innovative Thinking and Entrepreneurship Lecture Series; opportunities to attend local and national collegiate entrepreneurship conferences; opportunities for “shadowing” and mentoring with prominent local entrepreneurs from a variety of fields; and academic offerings that include entrepreneurship-related topics, such as BUS 325 Small Business Consulting.