Women in Business Honors (WiBH) Program

WiBH Mission Statement

WiBH program mission statement is to expose students to real-world business challenges, strategies, and models that are utilized in the daily decision-making process. Students will become intellectual thinkers and further develop emotional intelligence to the highest degree. They will be connected with experts in their chosen field to become developed problem solvers in their area of interest.

WiBH Honors Program Overview

Bay Path WiBH Program students will take three special one-credit seminars followed by a special three-credit seminar thesis. In addition, students engage in a number of scholarly activities. Each student has a customized career path format that connects them to the "doers" inside and outside the classroom to learn about their best practices and processes. Having a customized career path allows students to directly apply new connections learned in each seminar series to become lifelong learners. Professors and mentors will ask questions, facilitate knowledge-seeking, and motivate students to expand their critical thinking. This dynamic learning approach helps prepare students to identify obstacles where they can be unforeseen and challenges that are unexpected. The program gives students the chance to take on real workforce problems.

In addition, WiBH students will have the unique opportunity to self-map their connections to success to enhance their educational journey by focusing and working on real projects based on their career choice. It begins broad and then narrows as the student delves into the material to customize their experience(s) and to make meaningful networking, lifelong business connections.

This student-centered curriculum is a connection for success that concentrates on:

  • Problem Based Learning
  • Project-Based Thinking
  • Design Thinking

Problem-based learning is about critical thinking, using purposeful thinking, reasoning, goal-directing, evaluating information, formulating inferences, calculating likelihoods, and making decisions. Project-based thinking is about inquiry-based thinking, asking open-ended questions, on-going solution-seeking ideas, driving through challenges, engaging in the process, coming up with ideas to solve the problem, and reflecting on lessons learned to contextualize real-world application(s). Design based thinking is about innovative problem-solving. This gives students the ability to identify user challenges, apply empathy-based solutions, brainstorm, use qualitative and quantitative data, create prototype concepts, and role-play end-user testing for ultimate goal-achievement.

The Women in Business Honors society presents connections that will build confidence, develop curiosity, and use go-to skills to think critically, connect information, and communicate ideas to achieve desired outcomes.

Maintaining Good Standing

In order to maintain good standing, WiBH Program students must maintain full-time status, a cumulative grade point average of 3.5 at the end of each academic year, complete required courses with a grade of 90 or higher, and take part in required community service and other required projects such as participating in guest lecture initiatives.

WiBH Honors Program Admissions Policy and Application Procedure

The WiBH Program faculty seeks to admit 5 promising students to the WiBH Honors Program each year. Their invitation to join the WiBH Honors Program will be based upon the following criteria: Entering First Year Students — a minimum high school GPA of 3.5 and a combined SAT score of at least 1200 (minimum of 600 Math/minimum 600 Verbal) or an ACT Composite of 24 with corresponding minimum ACT English of 24. Submit either SAT or ACT scores. Transfer Students — students accepted for admission may also apply for admission to the WIBH program if they have maintained a 3.75 GPA during their first year in college.