Research, Scholarly Activities and Creative Works

The Division of Research and Academic Resources encourages and supports undergraduate students in all majors and programs to undertake special research projects, scholarly activities, or creative works under the guidance of a faculty mentor. Students may submit proposals for individual grants to support their research. Grant money may be used to purchase items necessary to conduct the research including supplies, materials, journals and publications, approved travel, museum admission, conference attendance, et cetera. The typical maximum amount awarded per project is $500. Projects for undergraduate students may carry academic credit from one to three credits at both the lower and upper levels. Grant recipients are required to present their findings at Bay Path University’s Academic Achievement Day in the spring.

The Summer Scholars Program at Bay Path University provides undergraduate first-year, sophomore or junior students the opportunity to conduct research, scholarly activity or other creative work in collaboration with a faculty mentor. The program supports a student, with direct oversight from a faculty supervisor, as the student develops and implements a plan for an activity, conducts the activity, analyzes the data, and creates written and oral presentations of the results to share with their peers at the University’s annual Academic Achievement Day. The student will meet regularly with their mentor to discuss progress. The student will receive three credits for the work (a minimum of 135 hours) in a designated research course, which will be reflected as a letter grade on their fall schedule as part of that semester’s load. Students selected for this honor will receive a stipend of $1000, in addition to the funds provided for materials and supplies.

More information can be found at the Division of Research and Academic Resources page on the MyBayPath Portal.