Career Development

WELL Program

Throughout their tenure at Bay Path, undergraduate students are introduced to the many aspects of career and life planning. In WEL 100 Empowered as Learners and Leaders, students discover their strengths and set personal, academic and professional goals using self-assessment and career planning tools. An e-portfolio is developed by each student to gather information about their academic and co-curricular experiences, reflect upon learning and goals during their education, and demonstrate growth in knowledge, skill, and experience over their undergraduate experience.

In sophomore year, baccalaureate degree students are offered an exciting opportunity to learn up-to-date information about the current work world in the one-credit course, WEL 310 Strategies for Career and Personal Growth. Students explore their ideal roles, discuss how to their strengths and passions can and should be part of their career plans, hear career stories from successful professionals who discuss the challenges and opportunities of their respective fields and help students prepare for interviews, and learn how to plan and execute a career plan. In this course, the student is guided in the development of résumés and cover letters to prospective employers and conducts a mock interview to sharpen their abilities to articulate their goals and strengths. A clear understanding of what to do before, during, and after job interviewing is reviewed. Additionally, students learn how to use resources available on the Internet in their career planning and job search process.

Sullivan Career and Life Planning Center (SCLP)

The Sullivan Career Life and Planning Center (SCLP) team realizes that a successful college experience involves blending personal development, academic learning, work experience and effective career planning. We are all unique. As a result, career and life planning at Bay Path is customized and personal.. We help students acquire the self-knowledge and competencies that today’s world needs, such as strong leadership skills, creative and critical thinking, excellent communication skills, the ability to work independently and as part of a team, and the drive to make a positive difference. The Sullivan Career and Life Planning Center is a resource to empower students to cultivate their passion, purpose and potential.

Strategies for Personal and Career Success

Students should take WEL 310 Strategies for Career and Personal Growth in the spring of sophomore year or the fall of junior year, focusing on career reflection, exploration, and planning. Students will create a model career portfolio, including a personal statement, a polished cover letter and resume, a LinkedIn profile, a set of business cards, and professional references. Blended into the curriculum is attention to skill building and practice, including learning research, interviewing, negotiating and networking skills. Curriculum is designed to serve as a pre-internship experience.

Career & Networking

Networking is essential! Each year, students are invited to attend a Career & Networking event in their major field of study. Panels comprised of professionals working in various career paths within the major present on a range of topics, followed by your chance to engage in dialogue with panelists in small groups.

Career Coaching: Leveraging Your Best

The SCLP career coaches are experts in helping students discover creative ways to engage their passions, articulate their purpose and help them begin to develop their true potential. Students are assigned a personal career coach when they join our community as a first year student. We give students the resources to build a well-grounded perspective that empowers them to proactively create their future.

Internships: Hands-on, Real-World Experience

The vast majority of students complete at least 240 hours of an internship, practicum, or field work before graduation. Employers value experience in related fields, and these experiences increase a student’s employability and graduate school admission, as well as enhance their resume, provide career exploration, and build professional networks. The career coach and faculty advisor strategically help match a student with an internship experience to give them what they need for future success—a next step in creating a powerful career story.

Carpe Diem Career Network

Bay Path’s Carpe Diem Career Network is proud to partner with Handshake, a cutting-edge career network and recruiting platform for college students and young alumni, including the over 20,000 current students and alumni from Bay Path University.