Career Development

Career Development

Bay Path’s focus on leadership, communication, and technology is integrated into its unique model for career development. Career goals for adult women enrolled in TAWC programs are discussed in detail during the admissions process and reexamined throughout her program, especially through the WELL curriculum. The electives, general education courses, and major requirements built into each degree program ensure that students gain real world experience and career direction within their chosen career field as they move through their degree program.

Bay Path University recognizes the important links between theoretical knowledge in a major and the actual application of such knowledge in the world of work. Class projects for community businesses and organizations, practitioner professors who introduce students to a variety of careers, interactive simulations, and student teaching all contribute to career planning and preparation. Courses also include various career assessments, resume reviews, interviewing skills, and leadership development opportunities. Career coaches are available for consultation at each campus.

We also maintain helpful career resources through our online portal pages, discipline-specific virtual learning communities, mentors, and special events. Students who engage in career development have the opportunity to build on their strengths, explore opportunities, advance in their careers, and/or secure employment. Assistance with graduate school choices and applications is also available. While educator and career coaches regularly assist students with career services, job placement and graduate school acceptance are not guaranteed. Students are educated to recognize that career development is a lifelong process.

Bay Path recognizes that adult learners have unique career development needs and complicated schedules, so we have created a specialized program for our students that builds off the foundation they develop in the WELL program. We offer a 24-7 online hub with targeted career resources that can be accessed by students whenever they need it. We also provide opportunities for virtual group career coaching and virtual resume, cover letter, LinkedIn, and job search workshops. We encourage the development of professional networking opportunities between students, alumnae, staff, and employers through our robust Virtual Learning Communities (by major), our virtual industry meet-ups, and our TAWC LinkedIn group. We also support students’ in finding and securing both traditional and virtual internship opportunities. Our goal is to help TAWC students develop the skills and competencies needed to succeed in their chosen fields and to help them find the resources they need to get good career information and make good career decisions. You will be empowered to manage your own career successfully over the course of your life.

Strategies for Personal and Career Success

Students register for WEL 330 Strategies for Personal and Career Growth focusing on career reflection, exploration, and planning. You will create a model career portfolio, including a personal statement, a polished cover letter and resume, a LinkedIn profile, a set of business cards, and professional references. Blended into the curriculum is attention to skill building and practice, including learning research, interviewing, negotiating and networking skills.