Academic Resources

Academic Resources

Academic Advising

Educator coaches at TAWC serve as advisors whose primary goal is to educate and guide students through their programs with career goals in mind. The requirements and electives in our programs are included in each student’s educational plan. Major courses of study are selected during the admissions process and confirmed by the student’s educator coach. TAWC staff work closely with other schools and academic departments to deliver an array of opportunities for students. TAWC program staff members are present each Saturday when classes are in session to provide support and assistance to faculty and students.

Every student who is enrolled in a TAWC program develops a customized academic program based on their transfer credits, interests, and selected course of study. Educator Coaches for TAWC programs are dedicated to working in partnership with students to assist them in making satisfactory progress toward graduation. Educator coaches stay abreast of course requirements for various majors, including the proper sequencing of courses. While educator coaches serve as a dedicated resource for students, it is ultimately the student’s responsibility to make decisions about their course of study in order to meet all of the requirements for graduation. Students are encouraged to connect with their educator coach on a regular basis after enrollment.

Graduates choosing to continue their education beyond their undergraduate degrees receive advising from faculty members and from their dedicated advisor. Hatch Library has information available about local and national graduate and professional programs, as does the Office of Graduate Admissions at the University campuses.

Academic Support

Each campus location provides students with academic support resources to help them achieve success. Assistance with writing, mathematics, and various subjects can be arranged on the request of the student. Students are encouraged to seek academic support and assistance early and as often as needed.

Online tutoring services are available through These services are offered at no charge to students and can be accessed through the Bay Path Portal and the Canvas learning management system. Tutors will respond within 24 hours to requests.