The American Women's College Overview


Embracing the mission of Bay Path University, The American Women’s College (TAWC) empowers women to achieve success in college, careers, and life. Our on-campus, hybrid, and online accelerated degree completion programs allow diverse women to build on their strengths and seize opportunities for personal, professional, and financial growth. Courses provide students with a rich, dynamic, relevant, and engaging learning environment online and on-campus.

Joining together, students, faculty, staff, and communities are engaged in an interdisciplinary learning environment that fosters connections, collaborations, and relationships to support students’ success. We are also career-focused and results-oriented. Adults who learn through TAWC programs are capable of being resourceful contributors to our increasingly interdependent world.

Our associate degree programs are available to students interested in completing introductory courses for a college degree. Baccalaureate degree programs offer students more in-depth professional knowledge and skills along with a broad based liberal arts foundation that combines the theory and practice necessary for understanding self, others, and the world. Students completing the program will be exposed to the humanities, sciences, quantitative reasoning, citizenship, healthy living, and more. In addition to required courses, most degree programs grant students the opportunity to choose elective courses that match their needs and interests.

Our TAWC curriculum allows students to map out their educational and career journey by customizing a course of study with a choice of majors, minors, and selected certificates. Students can earn an Associate in Arts, Associate in Science, Bachelor of Science, or Bachelor of Arts degree depending on the selected major.

Courses at TAWC are offered through different formats including on campus, hybrid, and online learning. Our fall and spring semesters are each comprised of three (3) six-week sessions. Students have the flexibility to design a course schedule that meets their needs. Classes include accommodations for diverse learning styles, needs, and goals. Depending on transfer credits, students with 90 credits can complete their degree with 10 courses in 11 months.

Teaching and Learning Philosophy

Education is a lifelong journey. Faculty who teach in The American Women’s College are scholars and practitioners who value the aspirations, experience, and knowledge that adult learners bring to the classroom. Faculty also respect diverse learning styles and expect students to be active learners who are responsible for their own learning. Learning in and out of the classroom, online or face-to-face, includes self-directed learning assignments, experiential learning, research projects, discussions, team assignments, films, critical thinking, creative thinking, writing, presentations, lectures, research, guest speakers, community service, and other activities. Every course has a clear set of learning objectives and measurable outcomes. Assignments are carefully designed to provide students with feedback, advance students’ learning goals, and recognize their achievements.

We strive to design and deliver quality teaching and learning within TAWC programs so that students can achieve their goals. As experienced adults with diverse worldviews and perspectives, students learn from each other, as well as from the faculty who serve as facilitators, content experts, and leaders. We value class attendance, engagement, respectful relationships, collaboration, and performance throughout the teaching and learning process. We appreciate and welcome student and faculty feedback about courses, instruction, and administrative practices. We believe that TAWC students and faculty deserve the best we have to offer!

Course Modality Types

Online Course Options

The online degree programs at The American Women’s College enable students to develop their field knowledge and expand their professional skill sets though asynchronous online classes. Courses typically involve online group discussions, individual assignments, career and experiential learning labs, and self-directed projects. Approximately 30 different online majors are offered.

On-Ground Course Options

In select programs, The American Women’s College offers courses that meet for five hours on Saturdays. Students taking classes in this modality enjoy the benefits of significant face-to-face engagement with instructors and their peers. Weekly assignments are submitted through CANVAS, our learning management system. Students are able to use the CANVAS course as a resource to understand course learning outcomes, expectations for assignments, and course learning materials.

Hybrid Course Options

The American Women’s College also offers a hybrid model that combines the best qualities of an in-class experience along with the flexibility and convenience of online learning. Every Saturday of the hybrid course, students attend a two-and-a-half-hour class on campus. This on campus portion of class gives students the opportunity to interact face-to-face with instructors and form strong relationships with classmates. The remaining online portion of the course allows students to complete class assignments and participate in discussions from any location.