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Bay Path University admits students of diverse backgrounds, interests and talents whose academic and personal qualities predict growth and success. Students are identified on the basis of academic record, aptitude and motivation to successfully complete a selected program of study. A student’s record of achievement in school is the most reliable indicator of University success. Bay Path also places strong emphasis on personal qualities, leadership skills, and school/community services and activities.

Bay Path University offers a variety of admission options which are tailored to meet the individual needs of traditional and continuing education students. The undergraduate academic programs lead to the following degrees: Associate of Arts, Associate of Science, Bachelor of Arts, and Bachelor of Science. Various certificate programs and non-credit options are also available.

The University understands that choosing the right institution may require more time for some students than others, therefore, Bay Path offers “rolling admissions” which allows students to apply when they are ready, as long as space is available. When planning to apply for financial aid and scholarships, students should plan to submit a completed application as early as possible. Students are generally notified of an admission decision within one week of receipt of required application materials.

To achieve its mission of educating students to become leaders in their careers and communities, the University depends on an educational and work environment of tolerance and respect. It is committed to providing an environment that is free of discrimination and illegal harassment, including sexual harassment, for all students, staff, and faculty working for the University; this commitment is outlined in the Policy on Sexual Misconduct and Civil Rights and Anti-Harassment/Anti-Discrimination Policies. Bay Path University policies expressly prohibit discrimination and harassment based on sex, age, race, color, national origin or ancestry, disability, religion, sexual orientation, military status or veteran’s status, gender identity, or genetic testing.

Program information is available electronically at The TAWC Admissions Office can be contacted at: Telephone: 413-565-1700; Fax: 413-565-1082; E-mail:

Articulation Agreements

Bay Path University has entered into articulation agreements with numerous colleges and universities. For further information regarding articulation agreements, students should contact their admissions counselor or academic advisor.

Massachusetts Transfer Guarantee Program

Bay Path University participates in the Massachusetts Transfer Guarantee program, under which prospective students who have earned an Associate’s Degree at any of Massachusetts’ public community colleges with a 2.0 GPA or higher are guaranteed to be able to transfer 60 credits into certain Bachelor’s degree programs and attain junior status. For more information about the guarantee and the list of programs that offer the Massachusetts Transfer Guarantee, please visit

Additionally, the undergraduate core curriculum is aligned with the Mass Transfer general education foundational block to optimize transferability of credits even for degree programs that do not offer the Massachusetts Transfer Guarantee. The list of these programs can be found at

Application Process

Applications for admission are available online at For applicants to The American Women’s College, applications are accepted throughout the year with six enrollment periods available each year.

Official transcripts should be submitted to:

The American Women’s College
Attn: Admissions
588 Longmeadow Street
Longmeadow, MA 01106

Students are generally notified of an admissions decision within 48 hours after receipt of all application requirements.

Admission Requirements

All applicants must submit the following requirements:

  • A completed electronic application
  • Students who have earned fewer than 12 credits at an accredited college or university must provide one of the following:
  • Official high school transcript from an accredited high school, or;
  • High school equivalency certificate (G.E.D., HiSET, or TASC)
  • Official college transcript from all previously attended institutions where coursework was attempted
  • Minimum cumulative GPA of 2.0 on a 4.0 scale. Please note that some programs may require a higher minimum GPA.
  • Optional materials to help support your application: a writing sample or essay and/or recommendations from teachers or high school counselors.

Please note that the Admissions Department reserves the right to request additional documentation.

Additional Requirements for TAWC Nursing Programs

For acceptance into the Bachelor of Science in Nursing Program, students must meet the following admission requirements:

  • Associate degree/diploma from a regionally-accredited program, college, or university
  • Registered nurse education from a nursing program accredited by the Accreditation Commission for Education in Nursing (ACEN) or the National League for Nursing Accrediting Commission (NLNAC)
  • GPA of 2.7 or as evaluated by the Academic Director of Nursing
  • Successfully passing the NCLEX-RN Exam
  • Currently licensed and in good standing as a registered nurse in the United States (must provide proof)
  • Prospective students who graduated from a non-US based nursing program may be considered on a case-by-case basis by the Director of Nursing.
  • Basic cardiac life support for the health care provider (photo copy of CPR card accepted)
  • Candidates will need to successfully pass national background checks per the state requirements

Note: Bachelor of Nursing students are financially responsible for all expenses related to obtaining the necessary background checks and clinical/health requirements associated with the direct clinical capstone experience. Fees vary based on the clinical site requirements.

Additional Requirements for International Applicants

In addition to the admission requirements listed above, international students are required to provide the following:

  • Translated, evaluated, and official copies of all international transcripts by WES, CED, or similar organization
  • Official TOEFL internet-based test, IELTS, or Duolingo score report showing proof of English proficiency (for non-native English speakers)
  • Minimum score of 71 for the TOEFL iBT
  • Minimum score of 5.5 for IETLS
  • Minimum score of 44 for Duolingo
  • Two letters of recommendation (academic)
  • Essay or graded paper (1-2 pages, typed, in English)

Please note that the following items must be received before a I-20 can be issued:

  • Photocopy of valid passport
  • Original, certified bank statement showing sufficient funds for one full year of study in U.S. dollars

Accelerated Degree Options

An accelerated degree pathway can provide undergraduate students with an opportunity to earn a bachelor’s degree more quickly for various reasons such as wanting to enter the workforce as soon as possible or start graduate school sooner than later. Students may be eligible to pursue this option by bringing in transfer credit and/or adjusting their schedules to take additional coursework in accelerated terms. Pursuance of an accelerated degree pathway does not prevent a student from being able to take graduate coursework and/or pursuing an accelerated Bachelor’s to Master’s degree.

To learn more about their eligibility for an accelerated degree option, it is suggested that students work closely with their academic advisor, Program Director, and/or Department Chair.

Admissions Appeals

Applicants wishing to appeal an admission decision should submit the appeal in writing, via email, to the Vice President of Enrollment Management at Included with the written appeal should be documentation to support the reasons for the appeal. Final decisions regarding admissions appeals will be made by the Vice President of Enrollment Management in consultation with the Dean and Program Director responsible for the academic program.

Appeal letters must include documentation to support the reasons for the appeal. The Vice President of Enrollment Management is the last resort for the admissions appeal process.

Conditional Acceptance

Conditional acceptances may be available to students who do not meet the minimum standard admissions requirements, but who have demonstrated the potential for success at Bay Path University as determined by the Admissions Committee. Students who have been admitted conditionally may be required to take a reduced course load. 

If a student achieves the specified conditions for full acceptance in their first enrolled semester, the student will then receive a full acceptance letter and will be considered fully accepted for their next enrolled semester. Students that do not meet the terms of conditional acceptance in their first enrolled semester will be placed on Academic Warning and will remain conditionally accepted, and will be subject to the Satisfactory Academic Progress policy.

Conditional Acceptance for TAWC Nursing Students

A candidate who holds an Associate’s degree in Nursing or a nursing diploma from a diploma program, and who has not yet passed the NCLEX-RN Exam but otherwise meets all admissions criteria, may be admitted conditionally to The American Women’s College with the following conditions:

  • Candidates must have graduated from a regionally accredited program, college, or university and hold an Associate’s degree in Nursing or a nursing diploma from a  hospital-based diploma program within 12 months of applying to TAWC.
  • Candidates whose graduation dates are more than 12 months prior to applying for admission will be reviewed for conditional acceptance by the Director of Nursing on a case-by-case basis
  • Conditionally accepted RN to BSN students must take and pass the NCLEX-RN Exam within her first three consecutive sessions of being admitted to TAWC.
  • Students who pass the NCLEX-RN Exam in their first three consecutive sessions must notify their Educator Coach of their updated status. They must also submit their RN license number and state in which the license was earned (in addition to all other official admissions documents) to their Educator Coach.
  • Students who do not pass the NCLEX-RN Exam in their first three consecutive sessions will be ineligible to continue in the RN to BSN Program. Students may be able to pursue other academic options in consultation with their Educator Coach.
  • If a student passes the NCLEX-RN Exam after completing her first three consecutive sessions, she must fully re-apply to the RN to BSN program.
  • Conditionally accepted RN to BSN students are eligible to take no more than one course per session.
  • Conditionally accepted RN to BSN students cannot take WEL 331 Strategies for Personal and Career Growth for Nurses, WEL 441 Leadership in Practice for Nurses, or any BSN course until they pass their NCLEX-RN Exam and matriculate into the BSN program as fully accepted students.


New students at The American Women’s College are required to complete the Intent to Enroll Form and submit all required documentation to the Office of TAWC Admissions no later than sixteen days prior to the start of classes. Submission of the Intent to Enroll Form allows a TAWC student to reserve their place in class. The form requires students to choose the session in which they intend to begin taking classes with the University. Students who do not start in the session they originally chose must complete the Enrollment Status Form or be subject to the institution’s attendance and refund policies.

Because this policy is in place to protect the student and allow for proper orientation to the University, there are no exceptions or extensions provided.

Deferred Admission

Accepted students who choose to defer enrollment must do so by submitting the Enrollment Status Form. After deferring for one calendar year, students wishing to pursue re-enrollment at TAWC must reapply for acceptance through the Admissions Office.

Immunization Requirements for TAWC Students

Students Taking On-Ground/Hybrid Courses
Massachusetts General Laws Chapter 76, Section 15c requires that each student show immunization records for vaccinations against measles, mumps, rubella, diphtheria, tetanus, varicella, acellular pertussis and Hepatitis B series prior to attending classes on-ground.

Students of The American Women's College who plan to take on-ground or hybrid classes must obtain these vaccinations and submit proof of vaccination directly to Bay Path University Health Services via Medicat no later than one week before the start of the student's first session.

RN to BSN Nursing Students

RN to BSN Nursing students must meet clinical requirements with Immunization and health records prior to the clinical experience.

Students Taking Online Courses

Students of The American Women's College who plan to only take online courses must either:

  • submit proof of vaccinations as above, or;
  • indicate on the Intent to Enroll form that they are only taking online courses, thus waiving the immunization requirements.

Failure to submit required documentation for immunizations will result in students being automatically dropped from course registrations before the first on-ground class meeting.

Non-Matriculated Enrollment

A non-matriculated status permits students who are not seeking a Bay Path degree at the time of entry to take courses to explore degree options, for personal enrichment and/or professional development, or to help fulfill degree requirements for another institution.

Non-matriculated enrollment in undergraduate courses is only permitted to individuals that are able to validate they have earned or are near completion of a high school diploma or equivalent.

Non-matriculated students do not follow the admission requirements of matriculated students and are not eligible to receive financial aid. Individuals requesting non-matriculated enrollment must complete the Application to Take Coursework at The American Women’s College Without Pursuing a Certificate or Degree Program.

Note: International students are not eligible to take on-ground or hybrid courses under a non-matriculated status due to visa requirements. There also may be specific programs that do not permit non-matriculated enrollment in their courses.

Placement Testing

Undergraduate students may be assessed for competencies in mathematics upon enrollment at Bay Path University. The assessments are designed to help determine which class placements are most appropriate for a student, based on aptitude in University-level mathematics.

Transfer Credits

Students may be eligible to transfer in credits from a regionally accredited college or university or via standardized exams (such as AP, CLEP, or IB). In order to be considered for acceptance, students must provide official transcripts for all coursework or exams previously taken. During the Admissions process, students will receive a preliminary review of the credits likely to be accepted as transfer credits. 

Additional information about transfer credit is available in the Transfer Credit Policy in the Academic Policies & Procedures section of this academic catalog.

Changing Divisions

Students looking to transfer between The American Women’s College and Residential College do not need to apply through the Admissions Office. Instead, they must submit a Division Change Form and obtain approvals and signatures as indicated on the form. A division change will only be processed between semesters or when a student is no longer actively pursuing credits in their current division’s semester. Students must be aware that time to degree completion and financial aid may be impacted by a division change.

Technology Requirements

Bay Path University recommends that incoming students have a computer available to them that meets a certain level of specification. An updated list of the minimum required technology standards can be found at the link below: