Undergraduate Enrollment in Graduate Courses

Ad hoc Registration

The institution encourages academically talented undergraduate students who anticipate enrolling in one of our graduate programs to enroll in graduate courses as a junior or senior to help accelerate their graduate program of study. On a case by case basis, junior and seniors carrying a minimum of a 3.00 cumulative grade point average may elect to take up to two graduate level courses as part of their undergraduate load and these courses may be used as electives or to substitute for existing degree requirements on their undergraduate degree audit. Undergraduate students request to take graduate coursework by submitting a completed Undergraduate Enrollment in Graduate Courses Form to the Registrar’s Office that has been approved by the appropriate personnel.

All charges for these courses would be applied at the traditional undergraduate tuition rate and any all policies regarding full-time status, financial aid eligibility, credit overloads, etc. still apply.

In cases where a student later matriculates into a graduate program, the credits of any applicable graduate courses taken at the undergraduate level would be transferred to a student’s graduate degree if the letter grade earned meets the minimum grade requirements for graduate transfer credit and has been approved by the respective Graduate Program Director. Graduate courses completed at the undergraduate level will not factor into the cumulative grade point average associated with the student’s graduate degree program.

Declared Major Requires Graduate Coursework

Junior and seniors in a major that requires graduate coursework (ex. Pre-Occupational Therapy Studies major) are exempt from being limited to taking only two graduate courses at the undergraduate level.

Declaring a Graduate Certificate

Junior and seniors who are approved to add a graduate certificate to their record are also exempt from being limited to taking only two graduate courses at the undergraduate level.

Early Acceptance into Graduate Programs for Undergraduate Students

Matriculated undergraduate students who are interested in pursuing a graduate degree that complements their undergraduate degree may apply for Early Acceptance into a Bay Path University graduate program and continue into the graduate program immediately following the completion of the Bachelor’s degree. Approvals of Graduate Admissions and the student’s academic advisor are required, as is the maintenance of at least a 3.00 GPA. With the additional approval of the Academic Dean of the school overseeing the graduate program and Graduate Program Director, undergraduate students who have a 3.00 GPA may take up to two (2) graduate courses that will apply 3–6 credits towards their graduate degree. These courses are generally taken in a student’s senior year but exceptions are available for high caliber students who have received the appropriate approvals. Programs in which external accreditation prohibits undergraduate students from taking 500-level courses are not included in this policy.