Academic Technology Policies

The Web-based Jenzabar portal system called the MyBayPath portal ( allows students to view and print their individual class schedules, grades, billing statements, financial records, degree audits and enrollment histories, as well as to access personal e-mail and information resources. The following policies are related to accessing information at Bay Path University:

  • The official method of communication with students and members of the Bay Path community is via e-mail and the MyBayPath portal. Students are responsible for checking their Bay Path e-mail account regularly for important notices and other information, and for complying with stated University policies and guidelines. E-mail accounts are automatically established for all students within one week of initial enrollment.
  • Bay Path University does not mail or provide printed copies of class schedules, grade reports, or degree audits. These are available within the Students tab of the MyBayPath portal.
  • The MyBayPath Portal also provides access to financial information. Students are able to access their financial information at all times; however, when there is an outstanding balance, unapproved financial aid, missing immunization records, or other required documents, students will have access to their billing statement and class schedule but not to their degree audit, course registration, official transcript, or other information. All other information is made available to students after all financial and other requirements have been met.
  • Students are able to engage virtually using the Bay Path mobile app to post messages to their peers and reply to each other on the campus Student Feed. After authenticating with their Bay Path UserID and password, students can post their thoughts, pose questions, sell items, and more. The mobile app also offers campus event notifications, campus resource information, and integrations with Canvas for assignment reminders. The Bay Path University mobile app is available on the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.