Enrollment Status

Bay Path University defines full-time status for undergraduate students as being enrolled in 12- 18 credits per semester and part-time status as being enrolled in 11 or fewer credits per semester. Federal regulations dictate that Student Financial Services may define enrollment status for the purpose of receiving financial aid differently. Students are recommended to contact Student Financial Services with any questions about their charges or financial aid status.

Full-time students electing to take more than 18 credits are required to submit a completed Credit Overload Form (see process outlined in the Credit Overloads subsection for additional information). These students will be charged an additional per credit rate for each credit they enroll in above 18 credits beyond the full-time tuition rate for the semester (see Undergraduate Tuition & Fees subsection for more information.) Exceptions to this policy must be approved by the Associate Vice President & Dean of Undergraduate Studies and the Controller.

Full-time students should work closely with their advisor to ensure that they will maintain full-time status for all remaining semesters at Bay Path University. Students taking extra classes in earlier semesters may create scenarios in which they cannot maintain full-time status for all enrolled semesters. In those cases, students may lose eligibility to participate in athletics, receive various scholarships or financial aid awards, etc.