Declaring Double Majors

Students may elect to double major within the same degree discipline by submitting a completed Declaration of Program Change Form to the Registrar’s Office that has been approved by their advisor and Department Chair. If a student was interested in pursuing majors in different degree disciplines, they would be declaring dual degrees (see Declaring Dual Degrees section below).

While overlapping coursework is counted towards meeting the requirements of both majors, double majoring invariably requires additional coursework beyond that of the initial major and students may need to enroll in extra terms as an undergraduate student to complete the additional coursework needed to complete both majors. The program of study for double majors must be carefully developed by the student in consultation with the appropriate personnel from the department to ensure that the student can complete all the requirements for both majors in a timely manner. The University cannot guarantee the offering of courses for students to double major in a timely manner.

Students who successfully double major will be awarded one diploma; however, both majors will be formally recognized on their academic record/transcript.