Mental Health Concentration, BA/OTD

Occupational Therapy Doctorate

OTD: Mental Health Concentration (BA/OTD) Requirements

HCM 501Healthcare Law, Policy, and Ethics3
OTD 505Advanced Academic Writing and Finding Evidence3
OTD 510Research Methods and Evidence Based Practice3
OTD 515Occupational Therapy Theory3
OTD 701Utilization of Research in Evidence-Based Practice3
OTD 702Application of Occupational Science3
OTD 703Community Practice, Program Development, and Entrepreneurship3
OTD 704Occupational Therapy Ethics for the Advanced Practitioner3
OTD 705Leadership and Advocacy3
OTD 797Capstone: Professional Writing and Proposal3
OTD 798Capstone: Project Implementation and Evaluation3
OTD 799Capstone: Project Dissemination3
PHE 510Cultural Competency in Healthcare3
Total Credits Required:54


PSY 550Family Systems3
PSY 590Trauma & Crisis Intervention3
PSY 620Psychopathology and the Diagnostic Process3
PSY 654Drugs, Medication, and Society3
PSY 657Counseling and Co-Occurring Disorders3
PSY 660Social and Cultural Foundations3
PSY 662Counseling Theory and Practice3
PSY 663Career Development Theory and Practice3
PSY 665Group Dynamics and Mental Health Counseling3