Autism Spectrum Disorders Concentration, BA/OTD

Occupational Therapy Doctorate

Degree requirements for the Autism Spectrum Disorders concentration are as follows:

ABA 501The Science of ABA Concepts and Principles3
HCM 501Healthcare Law, Policy, and Ethics3
OTD 505Advanced Academic Writing and Finding Evidence3
OTD 510Research Methods and Evidence Based Practice3
OTD 515Occupational Therapy Theory3
OTD 701Utilization of Research in Evidence-Based Practice3
OTD 702Application of Occupational Science3
OTD 703Community Practice, Program Development, and Entrepreneurship3
OTD 704Occupational Therapy Ethics for the Advanced Practitioner3
OTD 705Leadership and Advocacy3
OTD 797Capstone: Professional Writing and Proposal3
OTD 798Capstone: Project Implementation and Evaluation3
OTD 799Capstone: Project Dissemination3
PHE 510Cultural Competency in Healthcare3
SPE 546Teaching Children with Autism Spectrum Disorders3
SPE 552Advocacy, Collaboration and Problem Solving for Students with Autism3
SPE 556Supporting Comm. and Social Develop ment for Students with Autism3
Total Credits Required:54


CIM 634Strategies for Fiscal Management3
CIM 501Principles of Communication3
HCM 500Principles of Healthcare Service Excellence3
HCM 503Strategic Planning in Healthcare3
MFA 660Creative Nonfiction Writing I Form and Theory3
MFA 667Health and Wellness Writing Storytelling as a Healing Art3
MLN 500Introduction to the Theory and Practice of Negotiation3
MLN 505Introduction to Models and Concepts in Leadership3
NMP 500Foundations of the Nonprofit Sector3
NMP 605Financial Management in the Nonprofit Sector3
PHE 500Foundations of Public Health: Policy and Management3
PHE 517Social and Behavioral Determinants of Health3
PSY 515Childhood and Adolescent Development3
PSY 550Family Systems3
PSY 662Counseling Theory and Practice3