Early Childhood Leadership Major

Early Childhood Leadership, A.S.

University Core
Behavioral/Social Science Elective3
BUS 204Financial Wellness1
ENG 114Critical Reading and Response3
ENG 134Literary Genres3
Humanities Electives6
Mathematics Elective3
PSY 101Introduction to Psychology I3
Science Electives (lab required)7
WEL 100Empowered as Learners and Leaders3
or WEL 220 Empowered as Learners and Leaders
WEL 350Strategies for Career and Personal Growth2
Major Requirements
EDU 110Introduction to Early Childhood Education3
EDU 130Education, Schools, and Culture3
EDU 211Methods and Approaches in Teaching Children I3
EDU 250Introduction to Special Education3
EDU 310Guiding Behavior in Early Childhood Classrooms3
EDU 460Child Care Administration3
ENG 124Research and Writing in the Disciplines3
PSY 205Child Development3
General Electives
General Electives2
Total Credits Required60