Licensure Concentration, EdS

Education Specialist, Reading and Literacy Instruction

Ed.S: Licensure Concentration Requirements

RDG 525Multimodal Structured Approach to Teaching Language and Literacy3
RDG 527Orton-Gillingham Pre-Practicum0
RDG 528Orton-Gillingham Part I4
RDG 529Orton-Gillingham Part II4
RDG 530Reading Research3
RDG 532Methods and Strategies for Comp of Narrative and Non-Fiction Text3
RDG 534Reading and Writing Assessment3
RDG 536Literacy and the Change Process District: School Action Planning3
RDG 538Language Disorders and Literacy3
RDG 543Approaches and Practices for Writing Instruction and Assessment3
RDG 547Structures of Language and Literacy I: Foundations for Early Lit Acquis3
RDG 548Structures of Language & Literacy 2 : Consolidation of Lit Acquisition3
RDG 554Pre-Practicum0
RDG 590Reading Practicum4
Total Credits Required:39