Pre-Occupational Therapy Studies Major

Pre-Occupational Therapy Studies, B.A

University Core
Behavioral/Social Sciences Electives6
BIO 110Biology I for Science Majors3
BIO 110LBiology I for Science Majors Lab1
BUS 204Financial Wellness1
ENG 114Critical Reading and Response3
ENG 134Literary Genres3
Humanities Electives9
MAT 120Statistics3
PSY 101Introduction to Psychology I3
Science Elective3
WEL 100Empowered as Learners and Leaders3
or WEL 220 Empowered as Learners and Leaders
WEL 350Strategies for Career and Personal Growth2
Major Requirements
BIO 150Anatomy and Physiology I3
BIO 150LAnatomy and Physiology I Lab1
BIO 151Anatomy and Physiology II3
BIO 151LAnatomy and Physiology II Lab1
BIO 316Musculoskeletal Anatomy3
BIO 316LMusculoskeletal Anatomy Lab1
ENG 124Research and Writing in the Disciplines3
HHS 100Introduction to Human and Health Services3
HHS 304Communicating in the Helping Professions3
HHS 401Play and Leisure in Human Health and Wellness3
HHS 410Social Policy in Health and Human Services3
INT 250Research Methods in the Social Sciences3
MAT 450Methods of Applied Statistics3
OTP 500Introduction to Occupational Therapy3
OTP 500LIntroduction to Occupational Therapy Lab1
OTP 502Integrated Anatomy3
OTP 502LIntegrated Anatomy Lab1
OTP 504Foundations of Neuroscience3
OTP 506Research I: Utilization of Research for EBP2
OTP 514Neuroscience3
OTP 515OT Professional Reasoning & Skills2
OTP 522Level I Fieldwork: Pediatric Occupations1
OTP 530Psychological, Social, and Cognitive Components of Living I3
OTP 530LPsychological, Social, and Cog nitive Components of Living I Lab1
OTP 531Psychological, Social, and Cognitive Components of Living II3
OTP 531LPsychological, Social, and Cognitive Components of Living Lab1
OTP 540Sensorimotor Components of Living I3
OTP 540LSensorimotor Components of Living I Lab1
OTP 550Developmental Components of Living I3
OTP 550LDevelopmental Components of Living I Lab1
PHS 101University Physics I3
PSY 209Growth and Development3
SCI 204Introduction to Human Disease3
SOC 100Principles of Sociology3
General Electives
General Electives6
Total Credits Required126