Nursing Practice (Post-Master's Non-APRN Track) Concentration, D.N.P.

Doctor of Nursing Practice

HCM 602Managing Healthcare Delivery Systems3
MLN 610Advanced Leadership and Negotiation Concepts3
NUR 610Utilization of Research in Evidence-Based Practice3
NUR 625Prof. Dev: Advocacy, Cultural Comp. Ethics, and Legislative Issues3
NUR 702Biostatistics and Epidemiology3
NUR 705Nursing Theory and Health Promotion3
NUR 715Healthcare Informatics3
NUR 745Population Health: Analysis and Evaluation3
NUR 765DNP Capstone I3
NUR 770DNP Forum and Role Transformation3
NUR 775DNP Capstone II3
NUR 780DNP Leadership Practicum: Preparing for Doctoral Leadership3
NUR 785DNP Advanced Leadership Residency9
Total Credits Required45