Physician Assistant Studies, M.S.

Master of Science in Physician Assistant Studies

Degree requirements for the Physician Assistant Studies concentration are as follows:

PAS 501Introduction to Pharmacology and Ba sic Infectious Disease Therapeutics1
PAS 503Professional and Psychosocial Aspects of Health Care I2
PAS 505Public Health I2
PAS 506Dermatology3
PAS 507Ophthalmology & Otolaryngology3
PAS 508Endocrinology3
PAS 513Professional and Psychosocial Aspects of Health Care II2
PAS 515Public Health II2
PAS 516Hematology & Oncology3
PAS 517Psychiatry3
PAS 518Gastroenterology4
PAS 523Professional and Psychosocial Aspects of Health Care III2
PAS 525Public Health III2
PAS 527Cardiology4
PAS 529Pulmonology4
PAS 533Professional and Psychosocial Aspects of Health Care IV2
PAS 535Public Health IV2
PAS 536Orthopedics & Rheumatology3
PAS 537Neurology & Geriatrics3
PAS 538Genitourinary Part I4
PAS 543Professional and Psychosocial Aspects of Health Care V2
PAS 545Public Health V2
PAS 546Renal & Genitourinary Part II3
PAS 547Emergency Medicine, Surgery, and Critical Care3
PAS 548Pediatrics4
PAS 610Psychiatry4
PAS 625Ambulatory Care Clerkship I4
PAS 630Emergency Medicine Clerkship4
PAS 645Surgery Clerkship I4
PAS 655Inpatient Medicine Clerkship I4
PAS 670Pediatric Clerkship4
PAS 680Womens Health Clerkship4
PAS 681Elective Clerkship I4
PAS 682Elective Clerkship II4
PAS 683Elective Clerkship III4
PAS 684Specialty Clerkship4
PAS 691Seminar I1
PAS 692Seminar II1
PAS 693Seminar III1
PAS 698Capstone1
Total Credits Required:116