Trauma-Informed Practice Concentration, MS

Master of Science in Applied Behavior Analysis

Degree requirements for the Trauma-Informed Practice Concentration are as follows:

ABA 501The Science of ABA Concepts and Principles3
ABA 502Ethical Practice in Applied Behavior Analysis3
ABA 603Research Methods in ABA3
ABA 604Behavioral Assessment and On-Going Evaluation3
ABA 605Interventions & Behavior Change Procedures3
ABA 607Pre-Supervision in ABA0
ABA 615Seminar 1: Analysis of Verbal Behavior2
ABA 616Seminar 2: Functional Analysis History, Methods and Applications2
ABA 617Seminar 3: Personnel & Management in ABA2
ABA 618Advanced Applied Behavior Analysis: Concepts & Principles3
ABA 626Supervision I in ABA5
ABA 636Supervision II in ABA5
ABA 639Supervision III in ABA3
ABA 640Group Supervision I in ABA3
ABA 641Supervision IV in ABA3
ABA 642Supervision V in ABA3
ABA 643Group Supervision II in ABA2
ABA 651Collaboration, Consultation, & Communication3
ABA 660Trauma-Informed ABA Practice3
PSY 671Theories and Models of Trauma and Attachment3
PSY 672Neurobiology of Trauma3
Total Credits Required60