Course Repeats and Credit Hours Allowed Towards Degree

Students may only repeat coursework in which they received a grade of ‘D+’ or lower, unless the initial attempt did not meet a prerequisite or minimum grade requirement for their program. A student is allowed two repeats of a previously attempted course; however, students are not permitted to use credit from the same course multiple times towards their degree requirements regardless of whether both attempts were completed at Bay Path or one was transferred in from a different institution and another was completed at the institution. All courses attempted and grades earned are retained on the student’s permanent record; however, only the highest grade earned for a repeated course is computed in the final cumulative grade point average.

Exceptions are made for one-credit Art, Dance, Fitness, Music, and Theater courses which can each individually contribute towards a student’s degree requirements twice (two-credit maximum) and courses that are required to be completed multiple times within the degree program (ex. two sections of the same 3-credit internship course to fulfill the degree program’s 6-credit internship requirement).

In the event a student earns credit for a course but the grade does not meet a prerequisite or minimum grade requirement and they are required to repeat the course, both attempts do not count towards the student’s degree requirements.

Students are encouraged to contact Student Financial Services to discuss tuition or financial aid implications prior to registering for a course repeat.