Directed Study

Directed Study courses, in undergraduate and graduate programs, serve two important functions at Bay Path University. A directed study course may fulfill a requirement in a student’s program of study, or a directed study may provide a student the opportunity to work with a faculty member on an elective course in an area not included in a specific course in a given program.

If a student wishes to apply for a directed study in an elective course, the directed study application must be filled out and submitted to the Dean who oversees the program/department in which the course is offered. The directed study elective course option provides qualified students (minimum grade point average of 3.0 overall required) with the opportunity to work with a faculty member on an area of mutual interest that is not normally a part of courses listed in the University Catalog. In this way, students may gain knowledge about a subject in which they have an interest and that complements their degree program. This directed study option requires that a student with the faculty member design a proposal that includes student learning outcomes, required readings and activities, assignments, and projects that will be reviewed by the appropriate dean. The Dean approves or denies the proposed elective directed study. This approval process must be completed in the semester before the semester in which the directed study will be implemented. When approved, the faculty member and the student will agree on the number and frequency of the meetings for the directed study needed to fulfill the course requirements.

If a student wishes to apply for a directed study in a required course, the student, after consulting with her advisor, must meet with the Registrar, who will certify that the class will not be offered in time for the student to fulfill the degree requirement and that there is no appropriate substitution. The directed study application must be completed and then submitted to the Dean of the respective School for review, however, the application form must be submitted no later than the first week of class in the semester during which the student intends to do the directed study. Final approval will be granted by Vice President of Academic Affairs. If the directed study is approved, the instructor will provide the student with the same syllabus normally used in the course and, with the student, prepare a list of meeting times. After each meeting, the instructor should make notes as to the student’s progress and upon completion of the course, submit a grade to the Registrar’s Office. The instructor should keep the notes, papers, exams, and any other evaluative devices on file until such time as the student’s right to challenge the final grade has expired.