Paralegal Studies Major

Paralegal Studies, B.A.

Degree requirements for the Paralegal Studies major are as follows:

University Core
Behavioral/Social Science Electives9
BUS 204Financial Wellness1
ENG 114Critical Reading and Response3
ENG 134Literary Genres3
Humanities Electives9
Mathematics Elective3
Science Electives (lab required)7
WEL 100Empowered as Learners and Leaders3
or WEL 220 Empowered as Learners and Leaders
WEL 350Strategies for Career and Personal Growth2
Major Requirements
ENG 124Research and Writing in the Disciplines3
GOV 100American Government3
LAW 103Introduction to the American Legal System3
LAW 205Paralegals: The Essentials3
LAW 232Principles of Litigation3
LAW 240Legal Research and Writing3
LAW 241Computer Assisted Legal Research3
LAW 246Tort Law3
LAW 248Principles of Criminal Procedure3
LAW 255Contract Law3
LAW 260Real Estate Law3
LAW 330Advanced Litigation3
LAW 371Evidence3
LAW 415Advanced Legal Research and Writing3
LAW 450Legal Studies Capstone3
LAW 490Legal Ethics3
LAW 498Legal Studies Internship3
Legal Specialty Elective 13
General Electives
General Electives26
Total Credits Required120

Students may select a legal specialty elective in consultation with their advisor.