Forensic Science Major

Forensic Science, B.S

Major in Forensic Science

University Core
Behavioral/Social Science Electives6
BIO 110Biology I for Science Majors3
BIO 110LBiology I for Science Majors Lab1
BUS 204Financial Wellness1
ENG 114Critical Reading and Response3
ENG 134Literary Genres3
Humanities Electives9
LAW 103Introduction to the American Legal System3
MAT 120Statistics3
Science Elective3
WEL 100Empowered as Learners and Leaders3
or WEL 220 Empowered as Learners and Leaders
WEL 350Strategies for Career and Personal Growth2
Major Requirements
BIO 112Biology II for Science Majors3
BIO 112LBiology II for Science Majors Lab1
BIO 210Genetics3
BIO 210LGenetics Lab1
BIO 260Microbiology3
BIO 260LMicrobiology Lab1
BIO 300Biochemistry3
BIO 300LBiochemistry Lab1
BIO 320Cell and Molecular Biology3
BIO 320LCell and Molecular Biology Lab1
CHE 120Chemistry I3
CHE 120LChemistry I Lab1
CHE 121Chemistry II3
CHE 121LChemistry II Lab1
CHE 220Organic Chemistry I3
CHE 220LOrganic Chemistry I Lab1
CHE 221Organic Chemistry II3
CHE 221LOrganic Chemistry II Lab1
CHE 300Analytical Chemistry3
CHE 300LAnalytical Chemistry Lab1
ENG 124Research and Writing in the Disciplines3
FSC 105Criminalistics3
FSC 105LCriminalistics Lab1
FSC 420Forensic Chemistry3
FSC 420LForensic Chemistry Lab1
FSC 440Crime Scene Investigation3
FSC 498Research Project in Forensic Science3
or FSC 499 Forensic Science Internship
FSC 500Forensic Biology3
FSC 500LForensic Biology Lab1
MAT 221Calculus I3
MAT 222Calculus II3
PHS 201University Physics I for Science Majors3
PHS 201LUniversity Physics I for Science Majors Lab1
PHS 202University Physics for Science Majors3
PHS 202LUniversity Physics for Science Majors II Lab1
Upper Level Science Elective 13
General Electives
General Electives2
Total Credits Required120

Students may select any BIO, CHE, FSC, or NEU course at the 300-level or above.