Leadership and Negotiation Concentration, M.S.

Master of Science in Leadership and Negotiation

Degree requirements for the Leadership and Negotiation concentration are as follows:

MLN 500Introduction to the Theory and Practice of Negotiation3
MLN 505Introduction to Models and Concepts in Leadership3
MLN 610Advanced Leadership and Negotiation Concepts3
MLN 615Leading and Negotiating in a Virtual and Multicultural World3
MLN 620Psychological Dimensions of Leadership and Negotiation3
MLN 625Gender, Leadership, and Negotiation3
MLN 630Leadership and Negotiation Lab I: Planning and Preparation Skills3
MLN 635Leadership and Negotiation Lab II: Relational Skills3
MLN 640Leadership and Negotiation Lab III: Challenging Situation Skills3
MLN 645Leadership and Negotiation Lab IV: Intangible Skills3
MLN 650Case Studies of Leadership and Negotiation3
MLN 670Leadership and Negotiation Application: Project and Capstone3
Total Credits Required:36