Communications Major

Communications, B.A.

University Core
Behavioral/Social Science Electives9
BUS 204Financial Wellness1
ENG 114Critical Reading and Response3
ENG 134Literary Genres3
Humanities Electives9
Mathematics Elective3
Science Electives (lab required)7
WEL 100Empowered as Learners and Leaders3
or WEL 220 Empowered as Learners and Leaders
WEL 350Strategies for Career and Personal Growth2
Major Requirements
BUS 226Principles of Marketing3
BUS 245Social Media for Business3
or CMS 302 Broadcast Journalism
Career Elective 36
CIT 210Intercultural Communication3
CMS 100Introduction to Mass Communication and Pop Culture3
CMS 110Human Communication in a Digital World3
CMS 130Media Lab: Communication Technology3
CMS 200Principles of Public Relations and Advertising3
CMS 213Writing for the Media3
CMS 303Gender and Communication3
ENG 124Research and Writing in the Disciplines3
Major Elective 1 13
Major Elective 2 23
General Electives
General Electives38
Total Credits Required120

Select one course: CMS 220 New Media Technologies, CMS 320 Multimedia Journalism & Professional Writing, LOS 315 Organizational Behavior and Leadership


Select one course: CIT 300 Communicating for Leadership, CMS 305 Communicating in Liberal Studies, BUS 308 Communicating in Business


Select 6 credits from the following course(s): CMS 450 Capstone: Corporate and Organizational Communications, CMS 498 Communications Internship, HUM 490 Digital Information Design and Society Capstone, LAR 400 Liberal Studies Capstone, LAR 498 Liberal Studies Internship, WEL 400 Leadership in Practice, WEL 440 Leadership in Practice